Union In A Pocket: How Mobile Tech Decentralized Unions

Union Organizing Mobile DevicesEmployees rely on their companies for the support necessary to make their employment mutually beneficial. As part of your company’s labor team or human resources staff , you’ve no doubt witnessed technology change your industry, creating greater productivity and efficiency through mobile communication platforms and data-driven automation. Unions have harnessed the same technology to communicate and proliferate, enabling members to influence opinions and gather remotely wherever an internet connection is available.

The rise of smartphone technology means that according to Pew Research, nearly two-thirds of Americans now own some type of mobile device. Apps designed to facilitate easy group communication give union organizers access to your employees with just a few swipes of the touchscreen. Employers now need to take note, and take advantage of mobile tech, furnishing employees with communication apps, e-learning tools and mobile-responsive employee sites online.

UnionProof Certification
Unions Decentralize Using Mobile Tech

Prior to the mobile revolution, unions had to overcome obstacles to legally meet. Specifically, union organizers are not normally permitted to gather on company property. As such, organizers just a decade ago had greater difficulty arranging meetings, disseminating information about the organizing drive, and of course, getting authorization cards signed. To avoid these restrictions, big unions, including the Communication Workers of America and the International Association of Machinists, adopted mobile app technology.

Your employees can now easily download free apps that allow the union to rapidly spread news directly into the pockets of potential and current members. In addition to press releases and news updates, members can access videos, share on social media and even sign union authorization cards, remotely. These represent powerful communication and education tools that facilitate growth and outreach on behalf of leaders and organizers.

Without knowledge of these types of union activities, you have no way of defending yourself against underground campaigns that rely on slick smartphone apps. Unlike previous methods of organization, employees don’t even have to meet face-to-face with organizers – or each other –  to before affecting the future of the entire company.

Good News: You Have Access to the Same Tools

The best way to prevent online card signing campaigns is through the judicious use of the same technology that has created decentralized unions. Thousands of companies have now begun utilizing mobile-responsive employee sites for better employee communication, education and engagement.

Old methods of employee relations, such as annual performance reviews, have given way to modern versions of feedback that provide more regular engagement  and focus instead on building the skills and teamwork amongst all employees. When employees are actively participating and have a say in workplace productivity, unions are made unnecessary due to the harmonious communication that already exists.

Organized Labor's Secret Online Weapons

Put The Right Info Right Into Their Hands

Create a union-proof culture by driving positive employee relations through easy access to information via mobile devices. Providing educational materials to employees that include interactive calculators, online quizzes, regular news updates and important company information enriches the skills and experience of all employees. As they utilize the tools you build to achieve personal career and income goals, job satisfaction rises considerably, creating the type of mutually beneficial environment in which companies and their employees thrive.

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New Certification Program Helps Companies Stay Proudly and Intelligently Union-free

UnionProof Certification 24 SessionsThe UnionProof team at Projections released a new 24-week certification program today, aimed at labor relations professionals in the United States.

ATLANTA – It’s a long-standing problem: companies are often blind-sided by union organizing attempts. Many companies don’t realize what creates a disengaged workforce, and therefore aren’t proactively addressing employee concerns. But not if it’s up to the UnionProof team at Projections, a company focused on helping companies create positive relationships directly with their team members. A new Certification program being released today will offer labor relations teams across the nation a strategic approach to building their knowledge from the ground up, focusing on six core competencies of staying union-free.

It’s a revolutionary new approach to a notoriously difficult corporate issue.

The Atlanta-based company is offering UnionProof Certification to human resources and labor relations professionals, starting today.

What the Certification Program Teaches

The Certification program is broken down into 24 sessions, organized into 6 core competencies: The History of Unions, Why Become UnionProof?, Organized Labor: An Inside Look, Organizing, Life With A Union, and Getting UnionProof. The skills and knowledge included cover everything from understanding the past in order to predict what organized labor might do next all the way to creating a strike contingency plan and writing a Union-Free Philosophy statement. Each of the 24 sessions digs deep and is designed to be completed in one week.

How the Program Works

The experience for UnionProof Certification includes video, printable homework, additional resources and links, weekly quizzes and weekly live Office Hours sessions. Those that enroll will create their UnionProof Certification binder, which will become their go-to reference for remaining union-free. Upon completion of the Certification program, a 50-question exam allows participants to earn their UnionProof Certification.

“This program provides the knowledge that would normally take an entire career to gain. It’s both a shortcut and a comprehensive way to approach excellence in positive employee relations. UnionProof Certification is a game changer for our industry. This depth of knowledge, all gathered in one place and delivered comprehensively, is an unprecedented opportunity for labor relations professionals.”

-Walter Orechwa, CEO Projections

Those professionals in the Human Resources profession that enroll in UnionProof Certification can also earn 24 recertification credits toward requirements for HRCI Certification or 24 Professional Development Credits toward the Society for Human Resource Management’s SPHR Certification.

Availability and Enrollment

Enrollment is now open. The 24-week UnionProof Certification program begins on October 25th, and enrollment closes Friday, October 21st.

Learn more at http://unionproof.com/certification




About Projections, Inc.

Projections is an employee communications company specializing in helping employers create and maintain a positive relationship and powerful connection with their employees. With the most advanced technology available, Projections produces videos, websites and innovative eLearning solutions for clients throughout North America. After nearly 40 years in business and scores of industry awards, Projections is proud to work with some of the largest – and smallest- employers in the world. Visit Projections on the web to learn more at http://www.ProjectionsInc.com

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“The Most Trusted Labor Relations Professional In The Room”

UnionProof Certification Video #3Last week, I released two new videos for you, all about building a union proof culture. Monday was all about the secret to avoiding unionization… not fighting unions at all. Then on Thursday, I gave you the key to creating a truly union-proof culture, that is, a genuine strategy!

It’s actually been a lot of fun – everyone has provided so many great comments and such outstanding feedback:

“Having a strategic plan and remaining in a campaign mode at all times is key to keeping your employees engaged, listening to them, and responding.  Doing so steals the thunder from any outside group whose motives are self-serving and not employee centric.  Union Proof is a comprehensive and effective approach to helping companies remain employee focused and union free.” – Scott Purvis, Vice President, Human Resources, Lowe’s Companies Inc.

So, today, to thank everyone, I want to tell you about the tools that will take the confusion, guesswork and dangerous mistakes out of UnionProofing your company. My third – and final – video is all getting your hands on the body of knowledge you need to truly “walk the talk” when it comes to building a union proof legacy for your company.

It’s all about allowing you to take a huge shortcut, and union proof your company in the fastest, easiest way possible.

It’s about becoming the most trusted labor relations professional in the room… the one everyone turns to when the proverbial ka-ka hits the fan.

Check out this final video here – I won’t be doing another until next year:






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